React is a very popular JavaScript library. Today, many startups choose React as their tool for building fast front-end side applications for their projects. It has over 5.5 million weekly downloads, but not a lot of developers know how React actually works under the hood.

Going through the different documentations may be frustrating, so in this article, I’ll try to tackle that task and explain the inner workings of React as well as I can. There’s a lot to cover so let’s dig in.

Interviews are the direct ways to land a job in more ways than you think. More ways than one you may ask? Yes! Interviews are not only for you to show your skills and what you know, but also a great way to see what you don’t know, what people in the industry are asking for, and what you should focus on more.

In this part, I’ll be going over 5 React and 5 JavaScript questions.

In this article, I want to give you 10 questions and relatively short but comprehensive answers for entry-level developers, which I personally consider to…

There’s been a big hype about TypeScript and how it fixes many issues that JS has. So I just recently decided to try it and see for myself. Like many of you in my situation, I struggled for some time, but nevertheless, I found its strict rules very useful and handy. You might struggle at first, but you get the benefits afterward.

I am working on a small private project, trying to build a sorting visualizer using different algorithms. I stopped in midway because I wanted to integrate TypeScript into the build. I am a big fan of styled-components, so…

Vakhtang Nodadze

Software engineer with 3+ years of experience. Passionate about my work and the industry in general.

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